How to Create a Great Landing Page in 3 Easy Steps

A good landing page is a necessary tool for internet marketing practices. It is like the face of your website, the front page of the site that a surfer sees when he/she enters your website. The whole responsibility of making or breaking the impressions of your brand resides fully on the landing page. A person judges the whole site by viewing the standards of their landing page.

In this article we aim to provide all the know-how one needs to make a great landing page for their sites to catch their viewers’ interest at the first glance.


 3 easy steps to create a great landing page to make a grand first impression:

With these three smart tips one can understand how to build a unique landing page for their site fast and also how to use it to its full potential.

Make it Interesting:

The quality of content of any site is very important. Especially when it comes to media content, images, videos, graphics are the bullet points that one should pay the most attention towards. Every other site on the internet has them in their landing page. An overview of the trending topics or products in a slideshow format is also a frequent in all websites. It is important to get your message out to the visitors to implant in them that you are in for some serious business and are not simply a hobbyist with a domain name . The basic organization of the elements is not important but the quality of the media that you put in definitely matters. When creating a good landing page you should focus your attention to not only the entertainment quadrant but also towards the information part.

Creative Writing is Essential for the Site’s Success:

It is important that the content in your website is catchy enough to grab the attention of the viewers. If your website is a commercial one then adding info about an upcoming sale or promotional offer can be wise for marketing. The main objective behind this is to drive your visitors to browse other pages and products in your website.

Your landing page can be a blunt about the purpose of your website and announce its goal in a straight forward manner or it could be mystifying and have images and other media content that gradually lead towards the message that you are trying to convey and establish a call to action. Placing a call to action in its appropriate place is vital or else your website may risk of becoming useless. Call to action can comprise of anything like enabling viewers to subscribe to your newsletters and posts or leaving behind comments or buying a certain product. So the essential items for a successful site are:

1:An Eye-Catchy title.
2:Quality content.
3:Rich Media Content (like images, graphics, videos)
4:A good call to action.
5:It should have an interactive edge.

There are four important questions one should ask them when creating a landing page:
Firstly, what is it that you are offering exactly?

The landing page should have quality information on the goal of your site that reaches the target masses crystal clearly but also subtly.

Secondly, how will the viewer avail a particular promotional offer or sale?

The page should be easy enough to have the patience of the lead to be converted into a buyer.

Thirdly, why is it important for the visitor to avail the offer right now?

The page should be able to convey a sense of urgency, like “limited offer” or “avail while the stocks last” sort of message to the visitors to get sales revenue.

Fourthly, what makes this offer better than the rest?

The landing page should be able to create a mindset in the viewers that it would be foolish or simply impossible to ignore such an offer.

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