What are Web Hosting Services?

One of the frequently asked questions such as what are web hosting services?

They are basically an organization that you pay to look after your website and to keep it running. They allow people or companies to have their own website over the internet, thus, providing them an address in the World Wide Web marketplace.

web-hostingSelecting a suitable web hosting service is a key decision for all business owners, whether big or small. The relationship you form with your site hosting company is an important commercial bond. The website for any company is like a face for the business that provides prospective clients with all necessary information about their products and services. For commercial sites it can work as a full time sales person with maximum patience and answers to every query. It will be the perfect employee that you can personally create customer service will be available 24/7 hours. Thus finding the right people to take care of you website are paramount for every person whose business depends on it.

Web hosting services are specialized organizations that have a large server or multiple servers which provides them with space in the virtual world of the internet. This surplus space is then rented to clients who use it to add their personal domain name to the internet so that surfers can browse through their site.

You might be asking- can I use website hosting services?

Sure you can, in fact anyone who can pay the monthly fee for owning a domain name and wants one can do so. What is a domain name ? It is the URL that people have to input into their search address bar in their web browser to access any website. If you can’t pay the fee for registering your domain name , you can also try some free web hosting services provided by some companies as an incentive for beginners. There are other free services too that one can use but they also come with various limitations in terms of features and on operations of the site. They might also be available for a limited period only or you can also opt for shared website hosting service where a number of people share the same server and the costs for using it.

Things to see when choosing a web hosting service:

The first thing to consider has to be the cost, as with any other investment. But for most personal sites the fee is quiet affordable. Some of websites like webhostingonecent.org  offers you get Hostgator shared hosting plan (Baby Plan) at just 1 cent for first month.
Next to look into is the amount of storage space they are providing. This is usually measured in GB (Gigabytes) and tells you exactly how much data you can store in your site.
Another pertinent point is the bandwidth allocation. This denotes the amount of data viewers can access from your website per month. It is advisable to stay away from companies that claim to provide unlimited bandwidth when it comes to making a choice.

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